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繞型電感 (Wire Wound Inductor)
High Current Power Inductor
Low profile less than 5.0mm
Large rated current 30A max
Low noise and flux by an original core
Small size for LK.41—LK.49 series, lowest DCR/uH & Shidlded constrction

1. DC/DC converters for Mobile CPU cores and FPGA
2. On board power supplies for telecommunication systems
3. Battery power Equipment and high current

Low Profile Power Inductor

Low profile less than 0.8 - 3.0mm (Compart and thin)
Small size for LK.21/LK.31/LK.51/LK.70/LK.80 series
Tape and reel packaging available, to be high satunation for surface mounting

1. DC/DC converters module
2. DC/AC inverters for TFT LCD panels
3. Digital video/cameras & Digital Photo Frame
4. Cell phones, PDA, Notebook, LCD TV and Cam coder
5. Battery chargers/Hard desk driver
6. Small size communication equipment
7. Computer equipment & various modems etcs.

For L0.01~L0.07 Series / L0.11~L0.16 Series
Inductance Range :From 1.0 to 1000uH
Rated current :Up to 10 Amps

1. Switching power supplies,chargers.
2. Notebook computer .
3. TFT displays, CCDS, PDAS.
4. DC /DC Converter.
5. DC /AC Inverter.
6. Computer equipment & Various, Modems,etc.

High current inductors
Suitable for SMD automachine.
Large energy storage capacity
High performance,excellent DC current characteristics
Inductance range :from 0.5 to 10uH
Rated current :Up to 30 Amps
Custom designs available

1. Notebook computers and PDAS.
2. PC motherboard.
3. Batter power equipment.
4. DC/DC converters

Choke Coil
1. Switching power supplies.
2. TV & CRT monitor displays..
3. Audio & Visual equipment charges ups.
4. Consumer electronic products, etc.

Toroid Coil

1. Switching power supply.
2. TV & CRT monitor displays..
3. Battery charger, printers..
4. Consumer electric products.

Power Transformer
Power Transformer are customer design in and manufacture to comply with various domestic and meet internation safety (UL, CSA, VDE & CE) standards agency requirement.
The combinations of high performance ferrite cores and superior winding technology mates our transformers one of the most reliable products on the market.

1. Switching Power Supply, Adapter and UPS
2. LCD TV & Monitor Displays Power Boards (LIPS)
3. Battery Charger, Printers
4. Consumer Electric Products

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